Here you’ll find a selection of texts written by Dr. Celso Charuri, from 1979 to 1981

November 13, 1981

This is a paper ice-cream cup. And this is a crystal ice-cream cup. You are the customer. What is my line of business? Making ice-cream. Making ice-cream is the proposition. Well, if I take this crystal cup and put ice-cream in it, I'm dividing, I'm neglecting, I'm even somehow preventing my mind from better articulating to make me more creative in my real purpose: to make ice-cream.

Why? Because when putting ice-cream in a crystal cup, I may unconsciously stop having the creativity that will make the ice-cream even better, because the cup, in a way, substitutes or complements the sale. That's what I think. And then the ice-cream doesn't come out good, because I trust in the bowl, I don't give my all to making the ice-cream. Because I forgot my real purpose, which was to be an ice-cream maker. And since I have forgotten my real purpose, my real capacity, I trust in the capacity of something else which may or may not lead to the fulfillment of the total purpose that I expect.

However, if I start serving ice-cream in this paper cup, the ice-cream will be the best possible, because there won't be anything else to help it, there will be no crutches or supports.

And if the ice-cream is really, really, really good, who actually benefits? I do, because I'm satisfied. I really fulfilled that without the help of external things. I fulfilled what I wanted. So, I'm satisfied. I didn't depend on anything. I even increased my creativity. I ended up benefitting. And the customers, those who came to me, also benefitted from my courage, effort, and intelligence.



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