Vocational Schools

In the last 22 years, the General Center for the Tithe has built and donated 13 vocational schools, with the objective of offering young people the possibility of professional training.

These schools are located in different Brazilian cities and were built according to the local demands for specialized labor, meeting the needs of each area.

Senai – one of the biggest organizations for professional education in the world – and Senac – one of the main Brazilian vocational education institutions – were chosen as partners in many of these projects for being internationally acknowledged for the quality of their education, and the high yield of hiring of their graduates.

For the school in Capão Bonito, the chosen partner was the Paula Souza State Technological Education Center, a government institution.

The General Center for the Tithe also built a new, fully equipped building for Instituto Baccarelli, a non-profit organization dedicated to social transformation through the arts. The Institute founded the Heliópolis Symphony Orchestra, one of the main youth ensembles in Brazil, and is world-renowned for the excellence of its work, done with socially vulnerable children and young people, through musical education.

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