October 3, 1981

It is necessary that everyone speak the same language. (…) A long time ago there was a Tower of Babel, when men started speaking different languages, for the single language they spoke before led them nowhere, only to the abyss. It was decided to modify language and to place, into each one, a life principle. […]

October 1st, 1981

Question: “Why is this the time?” You have a total of knowledge at your disposal here, for this Plane. Now, this total isn’t manifested yet; this total doesn’t exist yet! – because things only exist when the Verb creates. But the Verb is Action! So, this Knowledge is the nonexistent that will be existent when […]

September 24, 1981

In terms of biological constitution, we are all the same and capable of the same things. If any of us wants to grow, to live in total Harmony and Peace, to be able to help someone and ourselves, they need to broaden the understanding that the mind is the capstone of man and that spirit […]

September 8, 1981

There is a Greater Love. There is a Greater Goodness. There is a Greater Power. Our Minds are connected. We are not an isolated part of the Universe. We are together with all the parts. We are part of the same respiration – the Great Respiration. Our small pulmonary respiration is illusory. Our movement is […]

September 4, 1981

Man arrives on the face of the Earth – a third-dimension planet – and, to enter, he must be constituted like the environment, so that there will be harmony and integration. And so, he finds in the dimension where he is, big and small, tall and short, inside and outside, black and white, thin and […]

August 17, 1981

Here we seek to develop the Much Better World. Many tried to develop the Much Better World by the sword. So many in history ended up being burned at the stake! Others tried to develop the Much Better World through revolution, with the hands, with the body! But their bodies were done away with! Others […]

August 17, 1981

Have you ever asked yourself which is better, a vegetable or a man? Have you ever asked yourself that? Think about it: which one is better, a vegetable or a man? What do vegetables do to harm Nature? Nothing. “Yes, but the vegetable is omissive,” someone might say. No. The vegetable stays still and man […]

August 11, 1981

If the prejudices of a Collective Mind corrupted by selfishness have been eliminated from your mind.  If the concepts of Truth present themselves to you naked as a statue of Purity.  If the path to follow is already one, because it is really one.  If courage is present in your mind, PRÓ-VIDA will have fulfilled […]

August 10, 1981

Speech given by Dr. Celso Charuri after speaking to his daughter on her birthday. Birthday, representation of the Ideal. Nativity. Rebirth. The end of a yearly cycle. New beginning. As I congratulate someone on their birthday, I recognize their existence as a being. As I do this, unconsciously, I make myself recognized. Someone only exists […]

August 5, 1981

Once again, what is written in the “Great Man” text has been proven to us: what he has doesn’t matter to us; what matters is what he is. The feeling of freedom and security that this confers is so strong! How I’d like for all of you to be able to feel this: the greatness […]