June 5, 1981

This is a time dedicated to a different body, the mental body. Everything we are results from information that, before reaching the physical body (in other words, before manifesting themselves through the hands, through words, through conduct, because everything our three-dimensional body does is just obeying orders that come from outside)… information that, before reaching […]

May 29, 1981

Right at the beginning of civilization, they cultivated the Higher Self; the Self that knows what is right and what is wrong. It takes courage to put into practice what is right. Otherwise, conflict appears. What prevents the right part, the Good, from manifesting itself, is precisely the part that constitutes the lower self, the […]

May 24, 1981

After pianist Olga Tarlá Silva’s recital at PRÓ-VIDA’s Cultural Center I think I know what happened in the beginning. I think I know. I think that in the beginning there was no sound. Men couldn’t pick up sound. Men didn’t have cells that could pick up sound vibrations. And the whole world was a total […]

May 22, 1981

Traveling is useful to check how things are out there. The world is in crisis. Everyone bleeding. Everyone searching for the same thing: Peace. They tried for Peace by improving the environment: they achieved a very advanced environment. They tried to make man happy through a happy environment. But they got it wrong, because man […]

May 21, 1981

On the face of the Earth everyone has the opportunity to shine through the 7 rays, because light, when in its plenitude, is in the shine set of 7. But 7 is just a number that is relative to our Plane. There are other rays, that when they join together, will give a type of […]

March 14, 1981

Among the experiences that occur during life, sometimes there is one that surely you have been through, and which indicates the existence of something besides the physical, material body. We are talking about that experience in which the articulations are all elaborated by mechanisms whose parts are not in the physical body. The brain itself […]

March 4, 1981

Everything that happens and that leaves you incontented, dissatisfied, is a consequence, is your share. It’s what we call merit. Merit! When you become conscious that exactly everything, your life itself, that everything that happens is only merit, when this enters you, there will be a very big change! Serenity begins to appear. Everything that […]

February 26, 1981

In a lecture to young people We have been observing a behavior that comes from a lack of comprehension, a lack of understanding, or from the partial understanding of what we have been stating here. The questions, or partial knowledge, derive from the fact that each one retains only what interests them. Let’s imagine that […]

February 4, 1981

When you are idle, not working, you are discontented, you become sad, because you are delaying your arrival to the point you want most. (…) Work is everything. It is everything in the relative, and it is everything in the Absolute. I would say work is the relative life of each one and it is […]

January 18, 1981

After a donation ceremony of the General Center for the Tithe. The day the wind gave way to the breeze. Published for the first time in the August 1981 Newsletter Without the knowledge of their own intrinsic nature, the vegetables lived trampled, whipped, and tormented by a sovereign: the wind. The latter, not even knowing […]