Where are we?

Where is PRÓ-VIDA, where does it stand? For a while we have been prepared to obtain this answer.

The phone rings; in different households, neighborhoods, cities or continents, the invitation is heard: “We are still spending time together!”

In a matter of clicks, virtual meetings minimize distances, ease our longings, and ensure the continuity of our work, of donating, and of the joy of spending time together during challenging times.

During this period of necessary social distancing, new abilities are discovered, friendships transcend distance and become closer. The serene attention to others becomes routine again, multiplying the satisfaction of being useful.

Everyone is alert to ensure that whatever is necessary will be done, with the maximum love each one has within.

Our Movement transcends doors and walls… We meet in the clouds!

Where does it lie, where is PRÓ-VIDA? There are no borders! The ideal of a New World does not rely on physical space. It is present wherever each heart is connected to this great Purpose.



It was enough hearing about social isolation, imagining not listening to a friend's voice or not seeing his smile at the headquarters, followed by a “good evening.” The PRÓ-VIDA has moved itself and has found in technology a solution to remain together on a daily basis, even with in-person activities suspended.

Imbued with the desire of being together and the responsibility of working, friends have started to attend meetings online, whether within departments, study groups or having relaxed conversations that ease their homesickness.

In each meeting, emotion is expressed in the eyes. This new way of pulsating has grown, reverberating in more and more areas of our movement, increasingly adding more and more people. Today, there are hundreds of internet calls taking place daily in many countries. And so, activities never stop, not even for an instant.


In the PRÓ-VIDA Country clubs, where the main point is precisely the proximity between families, what is seen at each sunrise is reinvention. The isolation, felt as something sorrowful in the outside world, brought new and challenging demands and everything there was turned into an opportunity.

Seamstresses make masks from their houses, partners create strategies for production, harvesting and planting, and specialized teams carry out the net connections planning, maintaining the natural pulse of the clubs.

In each process, different ways of manifesting the same Ideal are born.



In the midst of the pandemic, observing that humanity is lost, sad and fearful about the future, thousands of friends around the world wielded a single flag and showed that the seed of the Much Better World is germinating.

All Centers for the Tithe – PRÓ-VIDA joined together and their teams worked devotedly and tirelessly to make donations in five countries: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Italy.


Beyond helping institutions to provide Covid-19 patients with greater safety and quality, this Action, the outcome of joining friends together in a single Objective, showed the transforming force of the Law of the Tithe. It brought hope to people and made love shine. It is the imprint left by the example.



The bond between friends is currently stronger than ever. Each person offers his virtue where needed, which is combined with the virtues of the others in a beautiful and harmonious mosaic formed by different talents sharing a common vision: that of helping. This is one of the foundations of our movement, it is the idea of ​​cooperative action, presented by Dr. Celso in PRÓ-VIDA in 1980. “Everyone helps everyone, to see them grow”.

Such work is also done at the Cooperative, which is in full swing! It has supported the distribution of materials produced by the country clubs and helped with the purchase and distribution of alcohol gel at headquarters that have mobilized to serve the staff, as well as products made by friends and sold to friends.


The Cooperative units thought of everything, from health safety to stockpiling goods and the negotiation of prices ​​with product suppliers. The team responsible for the agreements, on the other hand, diligently seek partnerships to meet the demands of our friends. One of them is the supply of food baskets with groceries, hygiene and cleaning products.


It is in this way, working on many fronts, our movement follows its rhythm. And, despite the world panorama of today – and of other times – in here there will always be the composition of those who understood that, when we get together, we become stronger, our arms welcome more people, our choir resonates louder, our step leaves deeper marks and our gaze reflects the splendor of a new world.