Baccarelli Institute, a music education school, receives another donation from PRÓ-VIDA General Center for the Tithe and formalizes a tribute, giving the name Edifício Dr. Celso Charuri to the institute’s headquarters.

On April 22, 2017, the Advanced Choir and the Chamber Orchestra of the Baccarelli Institute performed in the auditorium of PRÓ-VIDA’s Araçoiaba Club. The Choir’s choice of repertoire and choreographies, as well as the program presented by the Orchestra gradually involved the audience, who silently followed the performance of the young artists.

At this occasion, CGD-PV presented to conductor Edmilson Venturelli the documents that formalized a donation for the acoustic renovation of the Baccarelli Institute's rehearsal room. This renovation, which took place earlier this year, aimed to guarantee the quality of the recordings performed by the orchestra, which were being disturbed by movement and noise coming from a sports court that was built by the city hall next to the institute.

This formalization was accompanied by the news that from now on the building, that was built and donated by CGD in 2008, receives the name of Dr. Celso Charuri. Hence, we have reached a total of 11 vocational schools donated by CGD under the name of Dr. Celso Charuri.

And to end the night, a big surprise! The Baccarelli Institute also received a donation of 25 violins specially brought from Japan and delivered by the hands of our children.

Music transforms. It raises and lifts. And when the objective is the same, as in a choir or orchestra, the different voices and instruments create tones that transmit sensations and emotions through the harmony of music… that enable internal changes in those who allow themselves and that spread through the universe!

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